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How can ISO systems make your business more resilient to disasters?

A crisis is always unexpected, but that does not mean that your response to it must be equally surprising. By regularly assessing the dangers and risks to your business, its products and services, you can form solid plans for what to do if the worst happens. ISO systems are by their nature focused on processes and procedures. This means they encourage you to look for risks, assess them and write concise plans to mitigate or eliminate them. In urgent crisis situations, systems like ISO 9001, ISO 22301, ISO 27001 and ISO 45001 are particularly good allies that every company should have.

How does ISO 9001 help in a crisis? The ISO 9001 quality management system encourages organization and the creation of an orderly structure. In order to comply with the requirements of this ISO system, you must be aware of all the processes that your company must maintain in order to produce products and services of consistent quality. It also means you've gained an understanding of what might affect your ability to deliver them. Once you become aware of the risks, you can work to reduce them or eliminate them altogether. For example, you can have a list of alternative approved suppliers, or backup energy sources.

Maintaining business in crisis situations using ISO 22301! Business continuity management is perhaps the greatest ally in the field of business protection. Its entire raison d'être is to enable organizations to put in place procedures that enable the safe and smooth continuation of normal business activities. In addition to helping you identify threats, this ISO system also encourages you to be proactive in your actions and plan what to do to maintain critical business practices. By creating detailed plans and testing them in different scenarios, you can help reduce downtime and improve the recovery time of your business.

Data crisis management using ISO 27001! Data security can also be compromised by external factors. For example, a flood could damage your technology. If staff are forced to work remotely, they may suddenly need to access more sensitive information outside the office, which could put them at risk. There are also risks such as vandalism or theft. To protect your data, ISO 27001 encourages you to secure your data and consider risks such as fire, flood and theft so that data is always safe and stored.

Protect your workforce with ISO 45001! If a crisis does occur, having the right occupational health and safety policies and procedures in place will help keep your staff healthy and safe. In order to comply with the requirements of the ISO 45001 standard, you must identify hazards and risks for your staff during work. This ISO system also requires emergency preparedness plans. In addition to making plans, this ISO system also emphasizes the importance of testing them, which could be crucial if a disaster actually occurs. This will be of great benefit as you will then know that your emergency procedures are fit for purpose.

Do you want to protect your company from numerous potential risks? Call us or send an inquiry by e-mail and ensure safe and stable development of your business.

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