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Our Core Values

Three pillars characterize our corporate philosophy, with which we ensure a competent, mature and objective certification of products, services and organizational structures.

Business Plan


Core elements of our services are the optimization of the resources contained in each company. By increasing the efficiency of work processes and the certified quality of products and services, we provide our customers with competitive advantages.

Working Together on Project


Each challenge is implemented with proven reliability, quality and to the complete satisfaction of all cooperating with us and the certification process involved.
The continuous training of our team members ensures that we strive for and achieve our goals in the interests of our clients.
Our operational activities are always free from extraneous influences, sovereign and objective. The certification company examines and masters possible conflicts of interest and has its own qualification checked and evaluated by external accreditation bodies and state organizations as regularly as thoroughly.



The transparency of our services and the complete satisfaction of our customers create trust, which plays a crucial role in dealing with clients, partners and employees. In addition to our reliability, which we have acquired and confirmed over many years, mutual trust, openness and transparency are important in order to improve our products and services and to increase the efficiency of our work processes in the interests of our customers.

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