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We inform interested parties via our official public website about news related to certification, standardization and inspection topics.

Code of ethics - replacing the Croatian kuna with the euro



The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development published the Code of Ethics under the slogan "Every cent counts, every kuna counts". The code of ethics determines the ways of business entities' actions for the purpose of reliable and transparent introduction of the euro in the Republic of Croatia, with the aim of creating trust and a safe environment for consumers. It is intended for all business entities that operate in a direct relationship with consumers. Consumers will be able to recognize business entities that have adhered to the Code of Ethics by the Code of Ethics label, which will be displayed on all business documents and on the website of business entities. GIS d.o.o. by adopting the Code of Ethics, commits to double reporting of prices in the period from September 5, 2022 to December 31, 2023. Also, GIS undertakes not to abuse the conversion of kuna to euro in order to raise the prices of its services in an unjustified and non-transparent manner. Recalculation of prices and all other monetary statements will be performed at a fixed conversion rate of €1 = HRK 7.53450.


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What are the advantages of obtaining an ISO certificate?

The satisfaction of customers, but also of all other interested parties, should be the main priority of every organization, and acquiring ISO certification makes this goal easier to achieve. ISO 9001 certification will allow the organization to focus on key areas of business, while also revealing areas of business where the system is inefficient and wasteful.

Improved employee performance - ISO certification enables employees to implement and develop methods that can help identify and resolve problems and inefficiencies in the workplace. Established business processes offer lower risk and greater efficiency of employee work, which ultimately results in business and the image of the organization.

Improved organizational efficiency - a properly implemented quality system according to the ISO 9001 standard focuses on assigning roles and responsibilities for various business processes. Such a control approach ensures that no final product or service can pass out of the system without appropriate quality and satisfaction controls. It also enables after-sales activities, which are also crucial in business development.

Risk reduction - ISO certification enables companies to focus on the future and foresee potential risks and dangers. Creating and monitoring corrective measures enables companies to be in a state of readiness at all times. Quality management saves time, energy and effort of employees.

Improved user experience - Improving end-customer satisfaction is often the main goal of any organization. ISO 9001 requires organizations to learn from their customers through their wants and needs because a satisfied customer is a loyal customer.

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New ITC accreditation codes and accredited schemees - 02.07.2022

Our main partner company Italian ITC add new accreditation codes to current accreditation schemes and one completely new schemee: ISO/IEC 27001:2013. GIS as ITC partner for Croatia region is delighted by this important news which are important four our current and new clients. ITC is accredited by IAS accreditation body which is IAF member.

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