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How long does the ISO certificate last?

If you are deciding whether or not to be certified by some of the ISO certifications for your organization, you will probably want to know the following:

1. How long will my certificate be valid after I receive it?

When you apply for an ISO certificate, you will have to go through the control of a certification body, and different certification bodies provide different services. Most certificates are valid for 3 years, with a one-year renewal.

Keep in mind that, regardless of how long your ISO certificate is valid, your organization will be subject to constant surveillance audits by interested parties. Audits are usually conducted once a year and serve to ensure that your management processes are still effective.

2. How long does ISO certification in GIS take?

Here at GIS, we provide a fast ISO certification service that allows small or medium-sized companies to obtain a certificate in the shortest possible time.

Once the organization is aligned with the requirements of the ISO standard, your ISO certificate is valid for the next 3 years, while you will have to renew it once a year through supervisory audits. As long as you meet the requirements of the ISO standard and your own management system, you will remain certified indefinitely.

3. What is the first step in the certification process?

The first step is to get in touch with us, and after that our experts will explain everything you need in the further certification process, so don't wait and contact us today through official contacts.

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