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Authentication of accredited certificates

IAF members voted to make participation in the so-called IAF CertSearch mandatory. This decision marks a clear and strong step in the credibility and usefulness of the CertSearch tool for all users of accredited certificates. This tool also aims to fight against fake certificates that appear more and more frequently on the labor market.

By using the CertSearch tool, users can be sure that:

  1. Certification valid

  2. Certification body accredited

  3. Accreditation body with signature of IAF MLA

IAF CertSearch only includes valid certificates issued by a certification body accredited by the IAF MLA Accreditation Body according to the main scope of ISO/IEC 17021-1.

GIS is a contractual partner of the Italian certification body International Testing and Certification Services SRL (ITC SRL) accredited by the IAS accreditation body which is a member of the IAF International Accreditation Forum.

Through the IAF CertSearch tool, 70 accreditation bodies, over 1,200 certification bodies and slightly more than 673,000 issued certificates around the world can be checked, and all information and verification can be found on the official IAF CertSearch website.

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